The assumption that secondary and post secondary school education would naturally indicate the preferred career choice has become flawed due to overly academic focus on “typical careers” and the structural deficiencies in the academic curriculum. The emphasis on stereotypical choices and perhaps the passive participation of the millennial in challenging the norm restricts career exploration, experimentation and knowledge on possible opportunities open to them. This sometimes puts our young adults at crossroads on next career move having completed degree and certification programs. At such cross roads also, some realize they have pursued certain majors for the wrong reasons or reasons aside their personal work preference, values or interest.

On the other hand, the average worker today changes employment every four to five years. Arithmetically it would mean a worker might have fifteen to twenty different jobs over their work lives. The search for better economic stability while being an important factor, other factors come to play emboldening continuous mobility. This underscores the fact that career choices and progress are not static or linear in nature. They in fact can be spiral, stumbled upon, looped into a misunderstood path, devoid of form yet value creating and occasionally are just without form waiting to be harnessed properly. Career planning capabilities therefore becomes imperative for our future workforce to navigate and transcend career related challenges they face today and will face for better fulfillment in their endeavors.

The Career Advisory Program™ (CAP) is a pragmatic, exhaustive three month program designed for the youth to identify personal work preferences, needs and values, gain clarity, acquire exploration and employability skill and prepare them for a changing world of work.

Figure 1: CAP™ Objectives

Using a whole-person approach, CAP™ is a detailed and guided 5-model program, driven through quality and quantitative assessments tools, informational interviews, Individualized Service Strategy (ISS) and practical career explorations opportunities.

Figure 2: CAP™ Process Model

At CAP™ we never tell the client what to do, instead we assist clients identify their signature strength and encourage them to use them through out the process to seek solutions. This we do through CAP™ guided steps, asking the right questions, placements etc. that aid clients find the resolutions themselves. Our approach to career planning is integrative, incorporating the guidance and contribution of parents though in a loose relationship.

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