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HELENA FREY LIMITED is a human capital development company dedicated to building a balanced, functional workforce to confront organizational needs and challenges. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with varied stakeholders and deploying our research-based solutions for the organizations, individual, and youth we serve, we undertake workforce learning and development, people related and workplace challenges, assisting organizations to build internal capabilities, align their structures, processes, functions and human capital potential to meet their enterprise strategic goals.

Understanding that organizational success is delivered through the combination of people skills, resources, profound services, agility and internal capabilities, we pride ourselves in our ability and zeal to provide a rich bouquet of interdisciplinary talent management and business performance solutions. Utilizing scientifically proven tools and best practices, we create sundry contextually relevant impact that assess, develop and transition talent for a sustained learning experience. Consequently our ever-satisfied clients are nudged to learn, relearn, unlearn and change what isn’t serving them.

It is our belief that as we embolden individuals and organizations to meet the challenges of global workplace, with confidence, nimbleness and creativity, we will form, for Nigeria and Africa, a rich pool of transferable, knowledge-driven workforce operating within a supportive work environment.

Helena Frey Limited represents a beacon of hope, restoration and progress for institutional African workforce.



Figure 1: HF Group of Services



  • Do what’s right & best for our clients at all times
  • Treat clients needs with utmost care and diligence
  • Produce enthusiastically satisfied customers always.
  • Be a strong support system to clients
  • Build strong value adding relationships with clients

INTEGRITY… to us means

  • Be held accountable to the highest standards of our profession
  • Be responsible for our conduct and actions
  • Establish honest two-way communication with clients
  • Avoid all possible, actual or perceived conflict of interest
  • Keep to our promises and pledges


  • Embrace diversity in knowledge as a competitive edge
  • Continuously strive to improve our knowledge base in varied areas
  • Take advantage of different perspective to knowledge
  • Deploy diversified team towards offering contemporary cutting edge solutions to clients
  • Respect for the individual, differences in views amongst clients, team members and community


To assist organizations build internal capabilities and talent for best “fit” whilst aiding the development of a balanced and functional workforce poised to take full responsibility for their lives and career, attain individual best, guided by enduring values and principles.


To see a transformed Africa composed of transferable and knowledge driven Human Capital potential with global relevance.


It’s never too late to Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and Change what isn’t serving you as an individual or organisation.


To contribute to intellectual development initiatives in public schools and low-income geographical regions in support of the nation’s developmental goals.

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