The choice of vocational interest has been the subject of extensive study for decades. Coming of age, adolescents have had to make subject choices, decide on courses, college and career paths based on gut feeling, peer pressure, media influence, what they have been exposed to by their parents or prevalent career paths in the family. This phase, often characterized by a lot of confusion and emotional stress by all concerned especially where the child cannot seem to identify any path to pursue, needs deliberate attention. Questions like “what do I want to be in future” begins to stir up reflective thinking, passions and interesting engagements amongst students, parents and adults alike. At such life stage, the narrative is shifted to the young adult and places a demand on schools, counselors and parents to assist the teenager to provide information, improve their understanding of these issues and how to navigate through it.

The extensive studies done in the area of career development have been significant and helpful because work constitutes one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. This being that

    • All human persons are seeking to fulfill the highest expressions of their unique self as a human being,


    • The most of life is spent working more than any other activity,


    • Workplace dynamics are rapidly changing and we are often not sure the career path or job that could be disrupted in future,


    • Our time is limited here on earth, it becomes imperative that it be utilized wisely, doing what one loves best, brings value to the community and satisfaction to the individual person.



What are the critical aspects of career development that ought to be considered in narrowing down to the preferred vocational interest?


The Psychology of Career Web™ (PCW) training is an offshoot of our scholarly experience and research efforts, which looks at the insightful thematic ideas that really matter and should be reflectively considered when making career decisions of various forms.

Figure 1: The Psychology of Career Web

Following the administration of relevant psychometric instruments, the Psychology of Career Web™ (PCW) training looks at the insightful internal and external thematic ideas that really matter and should be reflectively considered when making career decisions of various forms beginning with subject choices. It seeks to broaden the mind of all concerned on how best to use the insights provided by the individual reports for better decision-making. Bearing in mind training programs and school enrolments lead to huge financial investments in post secondary school education, continuous assessment and scanning of the internal and external factors must be undertaken to eliminate obstacles that lead to irrational choices as much as possible.


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