People do a lot of work together but the opportunity cost of what they achieve speaks differently. Studies have shown that, more often than not, the best of achievements is actually a fraction of what could have been achieved given the same resources, under a different environment, essentially in the environment of the mind. Often times, true success is not necessarily that which is celebrated. It is not just what is achieved but actually what is achieved compared to what could have been achieved or what can still be achieved when compared to the true value of potential.

Many years of working with business and institutional leaders across sectors and industries has shown us that despite the ‘Power of Team’, very few know how to make it work. Often times effective teaming is sacrificed on the altar of exalted egos, self-centeredness, power plays and irreconcilable differences.

The result of extensive years of research works, qualitative interviews, measurement and evaluation of GROUP PRODUCTIVITY and the combination of dynamic elements of productivity-EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP, SYNERGY, PEOPLE MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP and more today finds expression in THE P.R.O.D FACTOR™.

The P.R.O.D FACTOR™ is a team working mechanisms that recognizes the application of the principles of PRIVILEDGES, RIGHTS, OBLIGATIONS and DUTIES in teaming that leads to group understanding of the big picture, achievement of goals, increased productivity while still preserving the relational characteristics the team members.

The emerging world of work increasingly requires that all player in the KNOWLEDGE AGE organization understands the concept of COLLABORATION, COMMITMENT not just COMPLIANCE. This collaboration involves a single-minded union of a group and an engagement of the same towards achieving team and organizational goal despite the strong diversity that exists in the team or organization. The traditional working hours and assembly of resources within given physical distance now spans 24 hours and geographical boundaries. People now have to lead other people and hold meetings virtually necessitating the need to understand the principles that support collective responsibility and productivity.

The concept of MASS PERSONALIZATION therefore requires that organizations possess a range of skills required to provide personalized and NICHE directed services to vast heterogeneous group of customers who are more aware, demanding with a clear understanding of NEED and DESIRES.

This emerging dynamics of the market place require a new dimension of Team Working and Players, which THE P. R.O.D FACTOR™nurtures and encourages.

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