The sales world has changed and the traditional instruments and routes of selling aren’t as effective. Today’s knowledge economy is demanding on its executives, business leaders particularly sales teams to make critical connections with ideas, people, things and thoughts to meet its set objectives.

Figure 1: Sales Networlding™ Approach to selling today

Community thinking is the new normal. Building communities over shared ideas, interests or common ground and then selling to the members of the built community has now replaced the traditional selling mechanisms. The SALES NETWORLDING™ strategy is the CLIENT-FOCUSED art of intentionally discerning, making and sustaining meaningful connections in new and powerful ways that can serve the course and interest of the sales team.

The SALES NETWORLDING™ Solution training goes deeper than the traditional networking mechanisms, it comprises a wealth of practical tools, that help you create the kind of connections that are today’s best catalysts for meeting your targets.

It is delivered in two ways—

For the in-Plant route, we incorporate post-training lifetime coaching support (as long as participants remain with the organization)

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