In an age where most decision needs to be supportable and informed by data from all sources, some organizations are beginning and some have advanced in the use of several instruments in their talent management schemes. In addition to traditional measures and regarding our key resource – People as valued entities and sources of our competitive edge, other strategic and value-driven tools and resources need to be deployed to better align employee talents, skills and personality at one spectrum with organizational roles and objectives on the other. Directing attention on the importance of ability traits in talent identification also places the need to uncover soft issues like personality, values and motivations capable of influencing behaviour in the workplace. Two facets for understanding and measuring individual differences and their attendant implications to workplace productivity are ability and personality.

Figure 1: Facets of identifying individual attributes and attendant implication

Abundance of research exist that shows a strong correlation between ability, behavioural attributes and job performance and forward looking organisations more than ever before are seeking to understand the best ability-personality-productivity code that best aligns with their business strategy. There to assist such organizations, we offer a bouquet of tests along those lines.

Our Bouquet of Test Chart

Our bouquet of Test Chart gives a further breakdown of each test, detailing what each test measures and where it is most suited To download chart,

For an objective management of our Talent, potential and skill alignment with enterprise goals, these tests serve varying critical purposes as stated in the diagram below-

Figure 3: Application of Assessment Tests

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