Every great civilization, every life transforming innovation, every significant political or economic achievement, has people at the center of it. Successful organizations are built by the deliberate harnessing of human ingenuity and creativity. This is truer in today’s age of the knowledge worker. Employees bring their total self into their careers and jobs. Abundance of research exists that underscores the influence of all aspects of a person- character, temperaments, preferences, attitudes, motivations and values on occupational behaviors, engagement, performance and retention. To succeed in the 21 st century organizations must:

  • Appreciate and harness the dynamism of the “whole person” in a form that elicits commitment, not just compliance.
  • Seek to understand the distinctiveness of its workforce and leverage the “employee authentic self” and its accompanying uniqueness to deliver on its desired goals.
  • Put in place a talent development strategy that supports their current and future business strategy.

This is because the ability to compete in a fast-changing environment requires varied skills, some yet unexplored. Consequently, it is imperative that leading organizations develop some sort of agility to foster workforce models, heighten their human capital potential and marry up the skills they are going to need for the ever-changing business terrain and strategy. This therefore necessitates a shift in how we view our people, skills development, alignment to business objectives and the lens of engagement with our source of competitive advantage.

The Dignity of the Human Mind

The day dawns
Singing birds herald the sun
Humans arise, with a stretch and a yawn
Grateful to God, a new day just began.
A bath, some fresh clothes and shoes, determination prepare us for the day
Driven by a desire for the finer things in life we set out
Each going her own separate way.


In dignity we labour

Eager to best our yesterdays
The air of opportunity we savour
So we dream, we work, we slay
Donning overalls, beautiful dresses, suits, and ties
In the factories, offices, and on the street we toil
Fluctuating frowns and smiles


In dignity we labour

Enterprise bars no gender
Employing skill and talent, we grind
Seeking legal tender and the fulfilment of our highest selves
We climb mountains of old challenges and new ones
Reaching within for ideas, with spinning thoughts and imaginations
We create new worlds


In dignity we labour

Bearers of civilizations
Ordinary people made of dust and a little more than magic
We beat ignorance into weapons of knowledge
And build empires on the rubbles of impossible
We will not embrace malpractice
We will not slay justice to curry favours


In dignity we labour

And when our time is up
The generation that comes after
Shall from us inherit diligence, poise and character,
And they shall one day stand above our graves
With broad smiles saying-


In dignity they laboured.


To assist organizations build internal capabilities and talent for best “fit” whilst aiding the development of a balanced and functional workforce poised to take full responsibility for their lives and career, attain individual best, guided by enduring values and principles.


To see a transformed Africa composed of transferable and knowledge driven Human Capital potential with global relevance.


It’s never too late to Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and Change what isn’t serving you as an individual or organisation.


To contribute to intellectual development initiatives in public schools and low-income geographical regions in support of the nation’s developmental goals.

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