Objective of MiEN:

The MiEN-Shift Publications is published to help you the reader-

  • Confront your inner truth;
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and Change what isn’t serving you;
  • Take active role of your life and champion what concerns you.

To achieve the above, MiEN produces articles on different aspects of life. Our ‘life’s success pillars’ articles inspire and empower young people to take full responsibility for their lives.

Nothing is too sensitive to be discussed by MiEN. We explore those delicate subjects, provoke deep thoughts and enable our readers confront complex areas of their unique personalities that impinges on their ability to achieve their life goals.

This is a journey of self-awakening, understanding and a commitment to action that is a must for everyone.  The best of it is that you are not left alone to navigate it; we are there with you every step, every page, every column, and every issue.

The MiEN-Shift Publications is a bi-monthly publication with an international profile of writers. You are guaranteed the most up to date information in our issues, an extensive help resource glossary as well as a solid platform for our budding entrepreneurs.


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