Every organization requires the services of a legal mind to support the business and individuals in the organization.Having the right legal talent that fits with the organization flows from strategic workforce planning and placement. Job Opportunities in the legal community is best performed through collaboration with a reputable partner poised to truly understand the right technical know-how, the legal workforce and expectations of the employer.

Our legal talent recruitment service aids you place new wigs and experienced professionals into the needed roles. Whatever the legal specialty needed, our recruitment specialists who are lawyers themselves bring a range of experiences and networks to bear to provide you the qualified candidate.

By combining value-driven talent management tools and technology with our responsive customer service principles, we provide you candidates who are qualified and fit the job profile to hit the ground running right from the start.
With our general assessment tests, Lawyer performance metrics and structured panel interviews we focus on the key competency identified as critical to adequately perform the role. In addition to hiring for potential, experience and technical knowledge, we particularly look out for character, attitude and personality of the person. These we have found over the years as critical success factors enabling a candidate to add value to the employer.

Over the years we have seen our hiring model validated.
Additional Services offered in addition to our recruitment service:

  • Psychometric Assessment (diverse constructs) & Interpretation
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Legal Onboarding


Organizational development programs that seeks to develop and retain the right legal talent entails a focus on the organizations culture, values, vision, objectives and business objectives. The development of the legal talent of an organization is usually a strategic decision to equip its workforce with the right skills to support the organizational effectiveness and overall business goals.
Understanding the peculiarities of the workplace, we offer several workshops, which have over the years been beneficial to many law firms and organizations.

Our developmental programs are aimed at addressing those underlying and foundational characteristics that enable lawyers deliver their core legal activities.While principles are the same, in providing development programs we essentially adapt the principles to the needs of the firm to ensure fit and alignment between our solutions and the needs of the firm or organization.

 Our Developmental Programs include-

Request a Legal Talent –

We advise our clients that having a proper legal talent development plan and process is an indication to its legal workforce that they are valued, making them more engaged and confident that they are working for an employer of choice. This usually produces very positive results people and business wise.


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