We offer Life Planning Workshops adapted for
– Teenagers, Youth and Undergraduates
– Mid-Life Workers &
– Retirees.

Each workshop is specialized to address conventional issues and challenges pertaining to the stage of life of our audience.

These workshops are aimed at producing new ways of thinking which in turn informs better decision-making at each life stage. Our workshops are practical and intensive. They are offered in very conducive environments with highly qualified facilitators.

Our learning models are varied to capture the unique learning styles of all our clients/audience.

Helena Frey acting as a beacon of hope, champion’s diverse workshops bringing to bear new knowledge and research based information on prevailing and pertinent issues within our society.

At such workshops we take advantage of different perspective to knowledge, seek
newer dimensions to solutions, challenge the status quo and make new demand of
our audience.

This is imperative for us in fulfilling our philosophy of constant and continuous knowledge that it is never too late for any individual or organization to learn, unlearn, relearn and change what is not working or adding value.


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