Every organization struggles with a bottom 20% of non-performing employees even at the highest level. Where a once-effective employee (at any level) begins to flounder or derail, some questions must be considered beyond the expediency of disengagement. If you are absolutely sure that the poor performing employee can be totally turned around, will you still fire?

Do you –

    • Have a staff with incredible potential but performs sub-optimally? Are you always up at night wondering what you can do to this valued but underperforming employee?


    • Struggle with a “Problem” employee and all turnaround efforts have been more orthodox than practical?


    • Have a member of your team influencing performance because he/she lacks effective people’s skills, is abrasive with others or is so isolated and unavailable to colleagues?,


The questions to be asked are- “Why” and “What next”? What does it take to turn things around?

Figure 1: The 360 Bounce Back Model

The 360 Bounce Back is an 8-Step, Performance Transformation Approach to performance improvement, focused on addressing performance inhibitors.

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